time of kittens at work

11 Jun

Because I have a kitten, I was popular at work today. People who don’t normally talk to me asked about the kitten and I had much to say. It is a good day when I feel like a normal conversationalist. So, last Friday I introduced you to Kitty From The Lot. This kitty was one of four found on the lot of the dealership at which I work. I don’t go around taking home every kitten that needs a home, but you see, no one wanted this kitty. I had to save it. I had to allow myself the pleasure of owning another cat, because I did not want the kitty to be sad. I haven’t named her yet, but I love her so much and Zuko is warming up to her as well. It might take a while for Suki to accept her new housemate, but I don’t doubt they’ll be friends. Anyway, if I learned anything during the Time Of Kittens At Work, it is that I am the most Cat Person of everyone at the dealership and although cat people have a less attractive rep than that of dog people, I can work it.


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