a towel in the sand

2 Jun

If you can, try to imagine me spending most of my day at the beach. And it was fine, like, really fine. I wore a mismatched bikini and laid on a towel in the sand, rinsing myself in the ocean whenever the sun made me sweat. Two businessmen from D.C. stopped to chat along their walk along the shore. I wanted something to suggest they must see, but I feared too much of pointing them toward disappointment and instead wished them a good day before their flight home tomorrow.
After hours in the sun, playing in the sand, and for some reason feeling very girlfriendish, Daniel and I went to dinner in Haleiwa where I ate something that made my stomach most unhappy. But it’s better now. Mostly. And the pain didn’t erase all the nice things that happened earlier today, so for that, I am grateful.


One Response to “a towel in the sand”

  1. Chris Kimoto June 3, 2012 at 1:20 am #

    moar adventures :).

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