green rsvp

30 May

In fifth grade, I found a green Pentel RSVP ballpoint pen on the floor in the chapel during choir. I asked around to see if it belonged to anyone, but no one claimed it, so I made it mine. Since I was only allowed to use number two pencils for notes and homework assignments, I used the green pen to doodle after class or write notes to my friends on Winkipinki stationary. I tried my best to use a mechanical pencil when I could to help prolong the pen’s life, but I was addicted to the pen and its terribly faint lines, because it made me feel grown up. I made me feel special and that I’d stumbled across something good and useful unlike my small collection of keys no one wanted. The pen was always almost dead. From the day we met. But during its final year or two, we’d become the closest of friends. When it died in junior high, I kept its carcass in my Local Motion pen bag until high school as a reminder of the good times we shared.


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