a better day

27 May

Woke up early this morning to go to future brother-in-law’s surf competition. Future husband and I got a smoothie for breakfast and hit the road. The weather seemed nice and then seemed kind of gray, but a nice blue piece of sky hovered somewhere above Ala Moana.

Parked next to a Juke and it’s wet owner, and told Daniel to ask about it, expecting he wouldn’t. He talked to the wet man, mostly to surprise me. He was nice, and unlike reviews online, trunk space is fine. Dead pigeon in the parking lot. Sat in the sun for a couple of hours, cheered on from afar, and arranged and photographed this:

Said goodbye after the competition in which FBIL did well, then ate lunch with Daniel at which I drank my first mojito. Tried to shop, because a lot of girls I know seem to enjoy it, failed, and decided instead to see a movie. The Hunger Games was fine the second time. Fiance enjoyed it. Shoulders are sunburnt and pink and my lips look and feel more alive than they usually do even though I neglected to take my iron pills today and would have looked pale and sickly if I’d stayed at home, conserving energy. Guessed that Daniel was driving toward Tantalus, and was right. Along the drive up, pulled over to snap this picture:

Instagram’d it, like I do most things now, even though I was anti-Instagram a few months ago. Drove to the top, and the winding road took us downward again. Turned right into Puu Ualaka State Park where I could have died in the forest and no one would have smelled my rotting corpse because the trees were so fragrant and delicious. I wanted to stay and smell them longer. Walked through a small parking lot to a lookout with eight tourists already taking their pictures. Took mine:

Could only stand the wind and cold for a few short minutes before heading back to the car, noting that I look dorky with glasses. It was dark when Daniel and I were back in Kaneohe for a slice of pizza. Even darker when we climbed upstairs to my room and turned on my string of Christmas lights so I could see while I typed.


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