but it’s nice to have them both sometimes

23 May

I spend a lot of time sitting around saying, “I don’t know what to wriiiiiite.” And then I turn to Daniel because he’s usually the closest, and I ask him what he thinks I should blog about today. His ideas are fine, but I usually don’t use them because when I don’t know what to write, I don’t actually care to write anything at all. But I feel committed. And if I’m going to get any better at it, I’ve got to keep writing. I’d like to write stories, many stories, but when I spend five minutes worrying about each syllable in a seven-word sentence, it’s nearly impossible to let it flow or catch a groove or whatever you call it. Blogging, even bad blogging, is good practice.

If you’ve read this far, I’ll reward you with this: Today I had a giant slice of veggie pizza. It was delicious, and I was happy to have eaten it. I brought my phone charger to work too, and I cannot explain the joy of having a fully charged phone during a time when I am so used to conserving the battery. The guy at work who sometimes calls me Sweetie and who has twice spent an awful lot of effort linking every one of my paperclips together while I was at lunch seems too busy to bother me now. I have mixed feelings about this, because if I was ever too mean, I did not realize it.


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