dear lola

13 May

Dear Lola,
My big toe, on the right foot especially, always wants to crack. Like, always. When my feet are in shoes or sandals that keep my toe from bending, it can become painful because cracking seems necessary. I don’t think it’s a real problem now, but I wonder if it will become one in the future. Should I mention this to my doctor during my next visit despite my feet-shame, or will I be able to live a long and fulfilling life cracking away?

Dear Toe-Cracker,
Today I celebrated Mother’s Day with my fiance’s family and my own. It was very nice and such a grownup thing to do, that it does not feel right to return to my twin-size bed with Pocahontas bed covers. It’s hard for me to appreciate this while it lasts, because even though They say so, it is not going by quickly, and I am not having all that much fun. I mean, I just think there is even MORE fun to be had in my own place, with a big bed, my own DVD collection, and when I’m married to a tall boy with brown wavy hair and a little gap between his two front teeth. I mean, probably. Right? Still, I guess I can’t say this isn’t nice, and fine, and cool. So, I think what I’m saying is Crack Away. Because you think this is good, but it probably gets better!


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