house hunters, episode one

29 Apr

After church, Daniel and I picked up our friend and we did this thing called Checking Out A Townhouse. It belongs to a friend, so it was an informal meeting. While we were there, I felt strange and young as we took a look at the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, and the closet, and when the boys started throwing around terms like “fee simple” and “leasehold”, I could only stand there and stare at the walls and feel the carpet beneath my feet. We went to another place after that, and it was nice, and I would be happy to be one half of a married couple living there in the future. The kitchen was beautiful, and I can’t yet wrap my head around the fact that I could have one of my own. I feel like just a kid. The whole thing was weird and different, but I liked it, and I’m looking forward to house hunting some more. This. Is. Exciting.


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