midday dreaming

27 Apr

Four minutes ago, I woke from an hour-long nap with my nails in my thigh. I did not notice they were there as I filled my plate with foods that looked like desserts before I had the main course at a fancy pants wedding I was attending. When everyone else went up to fill their plates again, I had the table to myself and used the extra space to flap my arms around and try to be funny while I ate my dinner roll. I didn’t know if it was funny or if Kristen Wiig was raining on my parade. Whatever. My point is that my dreams are more exciting than my real life, because most of the day, I did little besides search for something I wanted to eat without leaving the house. Oh, and I found nothing, which may be why I was eating dessert in my sleep. When I woke, I felt I could have slept until noon tomorrow, but I sort-of maybe have plans tonight that involve eating, which I do not want to miss. My arms feel heavy and blocky and still too tired to feel as bright and awake as we encourage them to feel in the morning. And while my fingers are still kind of sleepy, they are typing just fine. They know we have work to do today. I feel funny. Intentional naps are not really my thing. I’m too high-strung to relax that way.


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