i’m sassy

26 Apr

While I type this, Touch is on TV, annoying me. I’ve watched an episode, and I’ve half watched a few more, and each time, I can’t help but hate it. I’m not sure if there’s a good reason for my feelings, but they’re there, and if someone were to attempt to convince me to change them, I could passionately defend my distastes with a metaphorical palm. Talk to it.
If I were to write about my mood every day, you might think I have abnormal psychological issues. Because today, most unlike yesterday, I am in a greyish-red sort of mood. The mood of the color of the about-to-rain, enormous sky above two rows of red-orange trees and an endless field of grass on which a man stood with a camera about a hundred feet away, looking through the lens to see me, holding up my middle finger in my dream last night. And, I don’t do that. Not in real life. My dream moods leak through. This is exactly how I feel.


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