23 Apr

I can see that this, if it isn’t already, is going to get old. Still, I will push through! I know that I ran out of things to say, like, two months ago, but I’ve come so far, and I’d just hate to see it end now and hang over me for the rest of my life with all the other things I’ve failed. And I hate, hate, hate to admit that when I said I was going to read the Harry Potter books after the movies, I thought I’d be done by February, at the latest, but it’s already April, and I haven’t even picked up the Goblet of Fire since I began reading icantevenrememberwhen. Because it bothers me that I see the beautiful faces of Dan, Rupert, and Emma, when Jo meant for me to see slightly less attractive ones. And there are conversations in the books that I can’t imagine my movie characters saying. And, and, and, I just feel very sad about this. Like I’ve ruined it all, and all the exclusive Harry Potter trivia in the world cannot make me a better fan than those who’ve read the books before seeing them brought to life in the theater. I can’t even talk about it. I love everything about Harry Potter too much, and I hate that I can’t love it more.


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