7 Apr

Wow! Since the last time I wrote here, I’ve become obsessed with James Franco. James<3. He’s the same one I wrote to you about earlier. I went to the Journalism workshop at UH on Sunday hoping that James would be there. He was! At first I didn’t recognize him because of the hat he was wearing, but after some careful observation, I realized it was him. He’s even older-looking than I remembered. But still gorgeous.
He sat across the room from me. Throughout the lectures, I kept looking at him. I couldn’t help it. And surprisingly, a lot of the times I did, he was looking back at me! I played it cool and acted like I was looking at everyone in the room. Because he could’ve only been wondering why I was looking that way. I hope he didn’t know I was staring. I hope he was thinking that he hopes I didn’t know he was staring at me and stuff.
I know. I sound so 7th grade. The seminars were good too. They were very informative and Bursting With Opportunity. I learned a lot and I am motivated to write. It was weird being pretty much the youngest person there. The second day was more comfortable. It was neat. James sat just a coffee table away from me on Monday. We made eye contact once that day. It was SO GOOD! AH! And when we were eating lunch, he was talking to someone and sat on the coffee table! He was so close! His back was toward me, but I was still so incredibly excited. You should have seen my silly stupid smile as I wrote about the experience in a letter to Lexi. I hope no one saw me.
OK. SO, I’M REALLY EMBARRASSED ABOUT THIS. I went home and did some research on James. Facebook tells me he is twenty-three, twenty-four in October. He’s outdoorsy, likes scuba diving, and movies. He’s majoring in Religion, is interested in language, and seems to enjoy his job at the paper. I haven’t told Lexi or Wendy about the lengths this “obsession” has reached. What kind of a freak am I? James is too old for me, right? Or I’m too young. He’s so intellectual. You should have heard him at the workshop. *sigh* I wish I was older. I wonder what I’ll do with the information I’ve gathered. I wish James would say hi to me like Shay does. He’s so friendly. And Smells-Of-Smoke, another editor, said hi to me when I passed him on my way to class today. We weren’t formally introduced to each other, but my face must have been familiar. Heh. I hope I’m not going crazy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

* This is not really about James Franco. Only someone that looked like him.


2 Responses to “frosh”

  1. Wendy April 8, 2012 at 11:06 am #

    Lol this would not have surprised me one bit 🙂

    • jenibo January 18, 2015 at 8:11 am #

      hahah. I just read this again. You know me.

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