strawberries and bread

6 Apr

Both of my parents picked me up from work today. We went to the market for some groceries, and when we got home I enjoyed a strawberry and a slice of fresh french bread. It was wonderful and delicious and tasted like Reaping Day in District Twelve! The difference is that I could eat more if I wanted. I could eat enough strawberries and bread to hold me over until lunch tomorrow–probably longer. Hey! I just now imagined a romantic evening in the dark by myself with strawberries and bread and Six Feet Under on DVD. I’m so turned on!

I haven’t done it in a while, but some nights when I am bored, I take a pair of scissors to my hair and snip away. The sensation of a clean cut is exhilarating, and I’m craving one now. I just feel so naked without long hair, so I’ll most likely deal with my boredom by dye. The kind of change I’m looking for is probably best done by a professional, so I’ll need some time to psych up for human interaction.


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