teppanyaki never bothered anybody

22 Mar

Hey everyone,

Jen asked me to write for her tonight because she wont be at a computer but still wants you to know whats going on.  She landed about 2 hours ago, 9:28 Oregon time, and is counting down the minutes till The Hunger Games debut!  Her sister bought all the tickets in advance and the whole family is going to rush to the first showing.  Jen said shes already cold and that was right off the plane.  Luckily she brought some li hing mui candy to warm up with.  I don’t really know what else to write so I will end with dream Jen told me she had last night.  There were different segments in the dream and I’ll just tell one, Jen will do a better job with the rest later.  So we were hanging out at our friends house with him and his girlfriend.  Then he went in to the bathroom and we started hearing him sing.  He was playing guitar and singing like he was trying to impress us but he was in the bathroom.  These are the lines to his song,

“It’s always something that you feel

There’s always some way to bend at something

It might be something that is real

Teppanyaki never bothered anybody”

I was believing it was a real song until that last line!  You should ask Jen to sing it for you.

Well I’m not sure what else to say, so good bye for now.  Maybe I’ll talk to you tomorrow, but I think you don’t have to worry.  Jen should be at a computer by then.


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