water, water, every where

5 Mar

It’s still raining. Apart from the walk to work from my car, then back to the car, I spent the day indoors, cold and slightly damp. Just before I got to work, part of the ceiling collapsed onto my desk. Water, everywhere. Thank goodness, THANK GOODNESS, there is an empty desk in the office that is completely dry. Luckily, I was able to complete a full day’s worth of work. While I was typing important words and numbers into the computer, I was able to take a power nap with both eyes open. Occasionally, my fingers would stop and rest on the keyboard until I had two lines full of 5555555555555555555555555 or gggggggggggg, but no one seemed to notice or care, and when I “woke” I could take a sip of the Snapple Peach Tea Daniel bought me the other day and imagine myself with a little bit of money in the future to feel less guilty about my being some sort of artist. I like to think that all of this will make that possible, at least for a few years before I’m thirty.


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