this is a breathing exercise

1 Mar

It’s almost 6pm, and still no word from Hayley or Kristina. I like it this way. I’ve been able to check my email at least three times today without being disappointed by the lack of important announcements in my inbox. I know nothing has happened yet, because of hashtags and keywords on Twitter and Tumblr. I’ve managed to relax a little, drink an entire bottle of Peach Tea Snapple, watch Justin Bieber celebrate his eighteenth birthday on The Ellen Show. I feel just about ready to accept my fate as a three-paged nobody in the rejection pile. This is good. This is healthy. And this weekend, I can drink a lot at dinner and celebrate because I still have hands with which to type more bad stories. And there are people in this world without the same luxuries as me, so I really should be grateful because I’ve been blessed not only with hands, but a cheap Dell laptop and alcohol with my meals. So I’m in a good place. I am practically at peace with the world, and tomorrow I will move on.


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