the line between the sky and sea

25 Feb

I’m tense. Like, I feel that people want things from me that I can’t or don’t want to give. That’s why I’m here. Writing to you folks is important. And since I’ve been doing it every day so far this year, I think others are starting to understand that this isn’t just a thing. And even if it is, it’s a thing that needs to be done. This might be in my head. This tension. Still, you and I have something that makes me calm.

Earlier this month, I told you about some new music I was excited to hear. I didn’t want to admit that it was not what I expected. I wasembarrassed! How weird is that? It was good–just not as ground-breaking, earth-shaking, or breath-taking as I’d imagined. But the second run-through was better. And the third was even better than the second. I’ve listened to the entire album on shuffle over ten times, easily, in a little over two weeks, and I’m proud (this is weird, too) that I love it and can feel it the way I only thought I should have felt it the first time. What I’m saying is that I fixed it. I fixed the music, and we can all celebrate now.

My cold symptoms have lessened as well. I can feel it, like, in the back of my nose or up in my sinuses, but it’s keeping quiet and trying not to disturb me too much. I think these guys are a little shy. Now that the head has cleared, they’re ashamed of the ruckus they’d caused and are packing up their things as I type.

I guess I don’t have to be sick to write stupid things.

Anyway, it’s Saturday night and Daniel doesn’t have work so we’re going on a date! I’m not even going to brush my hair. We must really love each other, huh?



One Response to “the line between the sky and sea”

  1. Wendy February 25, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

    Sounds like me (first half) LOL

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