very curious

19 Feb

I haven’t seen it yet, but I already know that The Vow is the corniest, sappiest movie I will have seen in a while. Its being based on a true story, whatever that means, automatically makes it better than the wreck it could have been otherwise. They knew that. And I’m going to the 9:20 showing tonight because I bought into it. I’m officially curious. I don’t do well with curiosity. I can’t just, like, let it be. I must know. When I get phone calls from “Unknown”, I answer them. I say hello and I ask who is calling. If they don’t answer and hang up, I do all I can with the little information I’ve been given to find this person on the Internet. And if “Unknown” keeps calling, I’ll keep picking up. And when I’ve learned that this person does not want to speak, I pick up and just listen too. I press the phone to my ear, turn the volume up, and try to make out background noises that might provide me with clues the way the Special Victims Unit on NBC does when they receive mysterious phone calls. When I can only hear breathing for three minutes, I might get scared and fear that my location is being traced, but I stay on the line because I have to know who is calling me. I can’t just let it go like a normal person. That’s why I have to see The Vow. I think I’ll like this movie. I think my expectations are so low, that they could only get better. And after, I’m sure the world will be so incredibly beautiful and my love for Daniel will be renewed and I’ll vow to cherish every moment with him like I do the second-to-last Golden Chocolate Oreo.



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