with a little sweet and simple numbing me

31 Jan

Last night, forty minutes before the deadline, I submitted my story. I’m glad I’d decided to turn it in early, because the deadline was twenty-four hours earlier than I originally thought. Now, I can dedicate these next two months to my other tri-monthly goals. I get to read more kids’ books, enjoy time with friends, and feel more guilty about all the Sunday mornings I am playing Tetris instead of hanging out with God.

Daniel and I went to lunch in Haleiwa today. He didn’t have class until later this afternoon, so we left the house around 10:20 and took the long way to Cholo’s Homestyle Mexican. The ride there was nice. The surf was huge and exciting and reminded me of the dream I had last night of even greater waves. That was exciting, too. A little over an hour later, we were hungry and ready to eat. The restaurant doesn’t have many good reviews on Yelp, but if I were to write one, it would say nice things. If you follow me on Facebook, you might have already “liked” the picture of my morning margarita.

It was delicious. And the boy I was with is the best company. You can see him in the background, keeping still for the photo.

And then we went home. And I tried to get good pictures on the road with my phone from a moving, tinted vehicle.

The sky was misty or hazy for a while, but there were a few sections of road along our trip where we could look up and see blue. It wasn’t new or exciting, ominous or eerie, it wasn’t even the brightest, most beautiful blue I’d ever seen, but it was nice. And even if it wasn’t the kind of sky I’d see in my dreams, I could appreciate it for being whatever it was. Maybe I’d be happier if I had more moments like those.

They were cleaning the left side of the tunnel on the H3, so traffic was pretty much stopped for a few minutes. I took the opportunity to roll down the windows and see the mountain up close, less of a blur than I’d probably ever seen there before.

I really enjoyed the different perspective. When traffic began moving again, I was sad the world was normal again. But I had to pee really badly, so a bladder-sized part of me was thankful.


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