well, yeah, it’s creative and artistic

28 Jan

Today I used the food processor for the second time, ever. Daniel and I made our first salsa! It was a hit, I must admit. The food processor is fun. I’m thinking next time, pesto!

So, this Saturday has been nice. I’m afraid I have not yet revised my story. I almost woke up to write some time around five this morning. But for some reason, that didn’t work out. Maybe something good will come from the hour after midnight. Yeah. Maybe. But usually the stuff I write then is just embarrassing. I feel too free then. Like, I can say anything I want. It’s a sort of drunkenness that should not be published.

You know, I want to write drunk some time. I’ve typed drunken emails on my phone, but it would have been easier on my laptop. So, there’s probably more I could have said to that girl I met at school and like, so completely admire. You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to find the message I sent her on Facebook, and tell you more about it.

Okay. I just did it. And I’m embarrassed all over again. Because I gushed over her the morning after! I told her how I think she’s so smart and cool and interesting, and how I can say all of that because we’re separated by a computer screen. And then she responds all nice and cool, like I hadn’t made a fool of myself. And then she said we should have a shot of tequila together! And of course that doesn’t happen. Like, of course. Because I’m terrible at accepting invites from people I can’t imagine would really like to hang out with me. And because I’m generally terrible at hanging out. I feel out of place everywhere. I can’t even picture myself in a place that would serve me a shot of tequila. Unless it’s my house. But that would have been weird, too.

Anyway, I still doubt I’d be able to write a story without editing as I go along, but if I were under the influence of alcohol, I’d be more inclined to think I am too drunk to take my time with words. So, I feel I should do that soon. If I could get all my writer friends to be online at the same time with a couple margaritas in their system, I think we could create something wonderful. At the least, we can have a fun, nerdy chat.

I am such a loser. I’m going to start using tags now. Can we play a game?


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