i think i need a new town

27 Jan

I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Some quick Googling makes it seem like some sort of meme. But even if it is just a thing that bloggers give to other bloggers simply because they’re following them, I’m honored. But this nomination requires that I nominate fifteen other bloggers. And I don’t follow fifteen other bloggers. So, it doesn’t feel right that I accept this only to tell you seven random facts about myself.

Instead, I’ll do the Friday Five (a complete and total rip-off of Sarah Dessen‘s similarly named “Friday Five”). I want to adopt the idea, Sarah. We can share it.

1. It’s strange to be sitting here at 10pm just, like, relaxed. Relaxed in an energized Friday Night kind of way. Because just a few hours ago, I was in the same spot dreading another day at work in the office. And while I was there, at work I mean, the hours lasted at least 80 minutes. At least. I’m surprised I made it through. I don’t know how it happened, but work ended and I had a few hours of quality time with the boyfriend and the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday. After dinner we went to visit the puppies at the pet store, played a little Crane Game, and then went home when the stores started closing. It was a sweet, fun date.

2. The deadline for my story is Tuesday. I’d like to be done with it this weekend. If I can buckle down and clean it all up tomorrow, I’ll sleep on it, then submit on Sunday. That’s the plan. Remember the beginning of Limitless where Bradley Cooper looks like a hobo and resolves to never leave the room until he makes some progress with his novel? I am familiar with that resolution. And the dissolution of it when he decides a breath of fresh air might be of better help. But this is no time for dillydallying. I think I’m close enough to the deadline for my procrastination adrenaline to start kicking in. And I know we just had a lovely date, but we’ll have to celebrate this some time soon.

3. I’m realizing now how difficult it is to divide my day into five separate thoughts. I guess all this has to be is current, right? I mean, the days earlier this week are fair game. So. I really wish someone would have commented on my Making Out With Friends entry. I thought it was interesting. It kind of made me laugh. At least someone “liked” the link I posted on Facebook. I’ll just assume that means the same as liking the blog entry itself. But, really. Really. I hoped for more dialogue. Did Jen have an intriguing, secret past? Does she have the guts? Is she, like, serious? Come on.

4. Okay. About Ashton Kutcher. I know a lot of people don’t like him, but whenever they say it out loud (or on Facebook), I feel the need to defend him. I don’t have much to work with, but I feel I must do what I can to keep people from hatin’. I think it’s because of our history. In ninth grade Ashton and I, well, we were kind of a thing. He might not be the smartest of people, but his goofiness is charming and endearing. And from what I read on Twitter, he’s passionate about what he does. And that’s attractive. So is his hair.

5. This is a bad picture of my windshield as I was driving home from work this afternoon. I was afraid the light would change soon, so I had to be quick. The sun was bright, warm, and very summery for the 27th of January.

I spend a great deal of time wishing I was Someplace Else. Somewhere cold. Somewhere relaxing. Somewhere there are burritos. But right when I took this picture, I was content with being just there. It was nice, and it should happen more often. Maybe it’s a Friday thing.


One Response to “i think i need a new town”

  1. carlarenee45 January 27, 2012 at 11:52 pm #

    I love your candid aura. You keep climbing cause you have something special in you.

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