this modern love is a taco truck

8 Jan

If I was in a band, I’d suggest we be called the Elastic Architects. Like it? I’m quite proud of it. I came up with it for a short story I wrote a while ago, I think. I don’t remember what that was about, but I’m certain it sucked.

Today was one of those Blah kind of days. I mostly sat around watching the Food Network, feeling hungry, drooling, and thinking real hard about thinking real hard of working on my story. If I’d been keeping up with this blog as a reader this January, I would be sick, just sick and tired, of hearing about this story. This story that we’ve been given little to no clue actually exists. I’d be like, “Just shut up about it.” Or, “Well, finish the damned thing already!” So, thanks for being patient. Or keeping the harsh comments to yourself. Now that I have a whole day’s worth of energy practically seeping through my pores, I am confident that I’ll survive tomorrow’s work day.

I mean, I was confident. Until just now. When I realized that I’ll never be able to sleep this way. Man. Life is just so, like, unfair.

I’m going to write more tonight. Or this week. Some time. But I am working on something. It does exist. Here is another line:

Two percent of herself wanted to be wanted in that primal, passionate, immediate, anonymous, Internet kind of way.



One Response to “this modern love is a taco truck”

  1. diannejwilson January 9, 2012 at 4:16 am #

    hehe… 🙂

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