i’m running out of clock

2 Jan

No new words have been added to my story, but today was nice. It is challenging to find a good balance between stress and relaxation. If I relax too much, I’m afraid I’ll forget all that must be done before the month is over. On the other hand, extreme amounts of stress will lead to my forfeiting this chance. This one chance. This. Well. I don’t want to talk about it.

Yesterday, I said that I hated New Years’ resolutions. I’ve given this some thought, because it seemed extreme. Now, I realize that I still do not care for them. I like new goals. And I like when people set them for themselves. I don’t like the pressure of taking on fifty of them at the start of January. That’s dumb.

What isn’t dumb is spending time with friends. I did that today. We went to Podium Raceway in Kapolei where the sky was hazy and the land was flat, and there were open spaces that made it feel like we’d driven from Kaneohe to a dry state on the mainland. I don’t know why we don’t explore the west side of the island more often. I feel as though my world has opened up just a little bit more. And it is accessible.
We drove go-carts in a closed track, and it was nice. Then we went to dinner at Chili’s where we got to sit and talk over hot food, and that was nice too. I know good days in January are not indicative of a happy eleven months to follow, but it sets the bar just high enough to be disappointed when things don’t quite go the way they are planned. And I find that amusing!

I’m going to sleep now. Tomorrow is the third of January, and I must get through with it before I can go on to the fourth. Then February. Then November, where I really wish to be. That’s when people seem happier and not so concerned with being prosperous and successful. That’s when there is less Business.


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