if you love me, won’t you let me know?

15 Nov

So far, I’ve written 185 words. Writing a short story is a long and delicate process. Not that you care or anything. I mean, I let you into my world with my stories, and you don’t have the decency to, like, tell me whether or not you hated them. But, whatever. Who am I to you, anyway? And, like, it doesn’t matter if I finally have hope for the future of my newest endeavor, because after the 200th word, I’m probably going to scrap the whole thing and convince myself to give up writing altogether. That is what you want, right?


Hey guys. Friends. Don’t mind that. I always start off writing something that has nothing to do with anything. It helps get the ball rolling. I am writing something new, though. And it is 185 words long at the moment. I have intentions for it to become a short story, but I won’t be surprised if I fail. Again. Here is a non-revealing excerpt:

“Orange is okay,” said Joseph. He sipped his tea. “Orange is fine.”

Now this is the part where I tell you all the boring details of my life:
First, I will tell you that work is about as fine as it will ever be until I quit my job and get paid to do fun things. I have to drive, occasionally, but I think Valerie understands me and my irrational fears and has wordlessly agreed to only send me on the road when trips to Satellite City Hall and the bank nearby are in order. “I’ll drive into town,” she said. I think that only once I look forward to driving these brand new cars, they’ll stop asking me to.
Also at work, I’ve been forced from my desk in the upstairs office to the receptionists’ area where there are frequent customer interactions. My time there, like on the road, is occasional. I don’t think I could do it alone the way they expect, but if I had help, there are some parts of it I might actually enjoy. For some reason, behind the receptionists’ desk, my coworkers seem more inclined to speak to me. And that, I guess, is kind of nice.

The second boring detail of my life involves work that I don’t find boring at all. This weekend, I am selling art on cards at some place that I’ve been told is public, and not as private as the first place my junk was sold. I expect to get all the details tomorrow, and when I do, the info will go here:

18th Annual KAHA Christmas and Gift Sale
Saturday, November 19th
9am to 2pm
1254 Ulupuni Street, Kailua

Before the month is over, there will be yet another sale! I am so thankful for Daniel’s mom and her handmade jewelry for giving me opportunities such as these.

Finally, my last bit of boring news is this: I like chocolate. I especially like chocolate when I am feeling crampy and fat and ugly and when I have given up hope that refraining from this sweet goodness will help me be pretty. Please send fancy boxes of chocolate to my front door. If I am not home, leave it in the shade so it doesn’t melt.


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