the wine spilled on your dress

1 Nov

Hi. I’m back for no particular reason other than my wanting to type something. Daniel is doing homework next to me, and because I think he’ll be at it for a while, I figured now would be a good time for me to blog. Well, at first I thought I’d save the blogging for a night when I have something interesting to say. So I spent a good hour looking up screencaps and quotes from Lizzie McGuire on Tumblr. Quite often, pictures of Lizzie McGuire make me sad. I am very prone to nostalgia and then getting pulled, wholly, into it. Tonight, however, I am just happy to have had Lizzie McGuire in my life. But this blog entry isn’t about Lizzie. This blog entry is about my decision to blog when there is nothing blog-worthy to report.

Halloween was fine. I was never really into Halloween. It seemed like a holiday for adults when I was younger, and when I grew up I felt it was more for kids. Still, I’ve been roped into dressing up to celebrate the occasion more than enough times. I stayed indoors this year, and tried my best to feel the excitement from the people I knew who did. I made candy apples with my mom, my brother, and his girlfriend, and we watched the last hour of Hocus Pocus on ABC Family. We had a nice time, and I was pleased with the quiet that contrasted well with the chaos of Waikiki last year. I had fun then too, but I cannot feel comfortable around loud, sweaty, practically-naked strangers brushing up against me in the bustle. Everything was new there, and that was nice. But except for the few minutes we sat in the dark on the side of the ABC Store taking turns gulping tequila, talking, and laughing as inconspicuously as possible, I felt small and unimportant. But I guess that’s okay. As memories of that night are shoved toward the back of my mind to make room for newer ones, the harsh edges blur and the colors mix together in a way that could, one day, be beautiful.

There you go. Here you have an unintentional Halloween blog. It is November now, so maybe there is a Thanksgiving one in the oven!


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