one step closer each and every day

27 Sep

Today I bought my first pair of boots. Suddenly, I feel stylish! But really, I shouldn’t be feeling all that great about myself, because I bought them from the children’s section. Also, they have something to do with the Disney show Shake It Up. I’ve only seen a few episodes, but these girls are kind of annoying and they make me miss Lizzie McGuire. Oh, Lizzie McGuire, come back into my life! When I first started blogging online, I wrote mostly of Lizzie McGuire. It changed my life. My life is probably still changing because of it.

Daniel and I are having an in-depth conversation about fitting inside a box. Dad bought a new TV during the weekend, and the box is still sitting in the living room. We want to be inside of the box. Daniel did not believe that he was too tall to fit inside without bending, but when he laid it on the floor just now and got down beside it, he saw that I was right.


2 Responses to “one step closer each and every day”

  1. Skye Turner September 28, 2011 at 5:39 am #

    Did you buy those boots from Payless? I was looking at the poster when I was on a cart run the other day! Those girls are kind of annoying, and a little too pretty for their age. Maybe the show would be less annoying if I were a bit closer to their target age group. idk? Lizzie was pretty but much more relatable.

    • jenibo September 28, 2011 at 7:52 am #

      Yeah, Payless. I was looking at the grown-up boots too, but they were not as cool!

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