my love is a fever

25 Sep

Is September over yet? I don’t have anything to write about anymore, and I am starting to feel really bad about the junk I’ve been posting here lately. Maybe if you wrote down some questions in the comments, I will answer them in my next post.

During my Xanga days, I thought it fit to write about the long telephone conversations I would have with my friends during the weekend. Yes, we talked about this, and this, and it was funny and we laughed and then someone’s phone died, so the rest of us hung up. Then we went to Ward the next morning and we saw a movie and we ran around and grabbed lunch at this place and then we went to Robert’s house and watched a Korean movie. And when I got home it was really late, but we talked on the phone again for hours and hours.

I am glad that I have grown up. And yes, I am glad that I have changed. I still hope that I have not lost what may have made me “good” back then.

Blah, blah, blah. Typing, typing, typing. I do love Daniel’s warm hand on my back. Also, I am feeling very Christmasy. And I love, love, love Christmas!


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