roll the windows down and take a breath

13 Sep

Hey there, it’s Daniel. Jen needs a break tonight so I’m stepping in. Don’t worry, she is going to proofread my entry so she is still BEDS-ing. You read a small sample of me last night, and I will try to use more of my brain tonight. Let me make an excuse for last night: I just got off work and I usually turn my real brain off at work because thinking is not necessary for most of my shifts. I tell myself I’m just storing all of my powerful intellect for something important later. So that’s why all I could spit out last night was how I like an Arizona drink and how hot my food was.  My real brain was still on break.  Now that I have excused my lack of brain activity last night, I guess its time for me to get started on the real meat of this blog.

I didn’t realize it, but writing a blog comes with some pressure. Especially since you all are accustomed to reading real pieces of writing created by Jen. Well, as you all know, Jen is beginning to take on some unwanted responsibilities at work now, mainly driving brand new cars in unfamiliar territory.  It’s a bit nerve-wracking for her and understandably so.  The new quest at the moment is to transition in to a much more suitable career.  I don’t think she has told you, but I will let you in on the secret. Jen is creating greeting cards, postcards, and just cards in general with her own drawings and they will debut in a few days at a private sale at a store in Kailua.  Pretty cool yeah?!  We are really hoping people like them.  I think they will.  People will probably like them so much, I can quit my job and Jen will be my sugar mama!  I don’t think I am exaggerating too much, y’all have seen her drawings before in some earlier posts.  So there is a secret about Jen.  She probably didn’t want me to expose it, but you guys are practically family, so it’s OK.  Anyway, I’m not sure what else to write about, and I think Jen is going to need some time to proofread this.  English is not my major.  She is finally reading Harry Potter. In fact she is reading The Chamber of Secrets right now.  Uh oh she is getting close to finishing and I forgot to bring over the next book for her to read.  I better interrupt her and have her read this masterpiece.

Alright, until we meet again, I bid you a fond farewell.  Good bye and thanks for reading!!



One Response to “roll the windows down and take a breath”

  1. Briana Lau September 15, 2011 at 7:57 am #

    haha..that was much better, dan.

    yaaaaay that’s so cool, jen! Let us know where and I wanna buy them! and tell everyone else to buy them! dan will manage your company and be good at advertising, right? hehe, suga mamaaaaa. lol

    Paul had mentioned recently that he thought you should get into making cards and I agreed 🙂 ooh I can’t wait to see your amazing artwork! I love all of your drawings! and the cards you have made for us were great! 🙂

    and you’re reading HP? finalllllllly! 😀

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