with eyes as wide as yours

6 Sep

Trying to think of a topic for tonight’s blog post has been difficult. I tried to think in the shower, but I only came up with “When I was seven…” I don’t know why, but I always think to start writing with “When I was seven…” I can’t recall much of what happened when I was seven. So I tried to think of anything cool that happened to me when I was twelve or thirteen. I remember I started journaling more frequently in seventh grade. After I stepped out of the shower tonight, I thought it would be a fantastic idea for me to share something from my seventh grade journal. I was excited as I opened up my purplish, yellowish, orangeish, blueish, greenish spiral notebook to find the journal entry I would share. But my excitement quickly faded as I skimmed through the journal to remember that everything I thought was important then is  so very unimportant and uninteresting now.

I mean, sure, it might have been funny when the girl who liked the boy I liked tripped on the blacktop between classes. And it might have been super cool that when I found out Matt preferred other girls, I decided to like Orion who just happened to think I was cute and funny. And it might have been completely devastating to find out that the slow dance Dane and I shared to This I Promise You by N*Sync was only to earn five bucks from a girl I thought was my friend. But, like, I’m way past that now. And there are much more important things to write about.

My love for Harry Potter, for example, is a topic I often blog about. It is Real, it is Now, and it is Big. Now that I’m mature, instead of writing about what color rubberbands I got for my braces at my orthodontist appointment, I write about Work. Grown-up work. And I drive there, and I hate it, and I’m scared, and I just want to draw pictures at home. But I have a job, just like a grown-up should. I also have a boyfriend. He thinks I’m cute and funny, and he would probably slow dance with me for free. We talk about getting married and living together, winning the lottery, and retiring early, and it is all very exciting. We are very much looking forward to this time, the same way seventh-grade-me was looking forward to getting breasts.


4 Responses to “with eyes as wide as yours”

  1. Jeyna Grace September 6, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

    5 bucks for a dance? was your friend helping you or.. doing it on purpose?

    • jenibo September 7, 2011 at 8:02 am #

      She had good intentions. When she realized how she’d hurt me though, she felt really bad.

  2. Chris Kimoto September 7, 2011 at 4:19 am #

    haha nice finish!!


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