hard lovin’, straight thuggin’

5 Sep

I had twenty minutes before midnight to write a couple of lines on my phone and post here, but for you, I decided I would wait until I had time to sit down and type something that has a slightly better chance of being interesting. Here goes:

Today I saw several sweet things. The first was Harvey, a play at TAG theater. I don’t see many plays, but the few I’ve seen have been entertaining. Though, most of the time, I find myself searching for some sort of proof that the actors are real people. I look for expressions in their face when they might feel embarrassed or when they’ve said a line wrong. I try to think of them speaking with their family when the play is over or hanging out during intermission. I am constantly wondering how quickly they would break character if I fainted or fell during the performance. I do love when an act is so convincing I forget I am at the theater, but I also love when people drop their acts and become human again. I’m not sure what this says about my psyche. I feel like I am revealing a lot more than I thought when I began this paragraph. I guess I shouldn’t write about those dreams I had when I was younger about the cast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hanging out with me after they were done filming. We had some fun times.

The second sweet thing I saw today comes in the form of Paul Rudd as Ned in Our Idiot Brother. A lot of his movies annoy me and are full of stupid jokes and crude humor, and I find it a shame, because when I first met Paul Rudd on the set of my Clueless dreams in the 90s, he was kind of a Baldwin. But aside from that, there have been several instances in which I can’t help but absolutely love him. Our Idiot Brother was sweet. He was funny and adorable, and the movie was charming. I liked it a lot, and I would recommend it to people who might feel the need to smile a bit.


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