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24 Aug

Instead of a regular blog entry, tonight you will get a cheap survey thing. Sharing is often easier when in list-form, anyway.

10 of your favorite things
1. Harry Potter. I’m not listing these in any particular order, but if I were, I’m pretty sure Harry Potter would be very high on my list. I don’t even have to tell you, right? Besides, there are no words for this.
2. Trampolines. True happiness. I’ve said it before.
3. Technical pens. I have a Rapidograph pen, and I love it. It was kind of pricey, but I believe I will use this pen forever. If someone wanted to get me a gift that I would be sure to cherish, there are many other Rapidograph pens with tips I do not have!
4. Snail mail. There is a romanticism in handwritten letters that emails cannot convey. I do love emails, though.
5. Christmas. Now that I’m older, Christmas has become somewhat stressful. But, I can manage to look past the stress and appreciate all that I’ve grown up loving–the lights, the crisp winter air, and the magic that never really went away.
6. Daniel. I thought this was obvious, so I wasn’t even going to type it. But I just love him so much.
7. Kitties. This is one of my first and favorite pictures of Zuko and Suki.
8. Writing. This is kind of complicated. Writing is one of my favorite things to do, but it is significantly less favorable when everything I write is crap. I wish I wrote more that I liked, but even my best pieces were only good for a week, at most. Later, I’d read it and wonder what good could have ever come from it. Most of my friends are too nice and won’t admit that I’m really not very good. This kind of drives me crazy.
9. Food. I thought I’d keep this as general as possible, because there are too many things I would love to eat.
10. The Shaytards. You have to watch them to know how I could love a family I’ve never met. A lot of people love them. Listen to this song, and you’ll get the idea. If you want to know more, I have a lot to say. But instead of coming out in nice sentences, my brain will overflow and you will only get a passionate rambling.

9 good songs
1. “Hammers and Strings” – Jack’s Mannequin
2. “Fast Car” – cover by Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis
3. “Skyscraper” – Demi Lovato
4. “Crack The Shutters” – Snow Patrol
5. “Going Through Changes” – Eminem
6.  “You And Tequila” – Kenny Chesney ft. Grace Potter
7.  “Hard Enough” – Brandon Flowers
8. “I See The Light” – Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi
9. “For The First Time” – The Script

8 random things about yourself
1. Because I’m going to try to refrain from explaining my answers for the next questions, I wanted to say now that Tangled is one of my favorite movies. I know that my mother is not hiding me from the world to keep a dark secret of her own, but I relate to Rapunzel more than I thought I would a Disney Princess.
2. I don’t like stainless steel. I especially hate those stainless steel water containers. Thinking about them makes my nails and teeth feel weird. I can barely type, because I am cringing.
3. Low battery signals stress me out more than low battery signals should. When the signal says there is only half a battery left, I believe my blood pressure rises. I avoid using my Zune because of this, and if I had my way, I’d charge my phone after every turn I took in Word Feud.
4. I’m anemic. I fainted twice! It was embarrassing both times, but funny now. I’m supposed to be taking iron pills, but I keep thinking they taste like iron, so I don’t.
5. When I was in third grade, I started plugging my nose and mouth when I sneezed. I still do it and I know it’s bad, but I feel that if I don’t, I’d be spreading too many germs.
6. When I have a cold and my head is stuffy, I feel like I’m dreaming and I am more apt to say what I really think. In class a few years ago, I almost told a girl to shut up.
7. I think Jo Rowling knows so much about Harry Potter and his world because she’s been there, and is only visiting Earth to share it with us. When it is time, I’m going to go back with her and speak about Hawaiian muggles to any witch or wizard who will listen.
8. I’ve never been to Colorado, but I like my idea of it, and I think I want to live there someday.

7 movies you love
1. The Lizzie McGuire Movie
2. Final Destination 3
3. Tangled
4. All of the Harry Potter movies.
5. Inception
6. 17, Again
7. Enchanted

6 TV shows you like
1. Supernatural
2. My So-Called Life
3. Jeopardy
4. Avatar: The Last Airbender
5. Six Feet Under
6. Gilmore Girls

5 of your best friends
1. Ron Weasley
2. Hermoine Granger
3. Harry Potter
4. Neville Longbottom
5. Luna Lovegood

4 things you need to do before today ends
1. Shower
2. Post this blog entry
3. Brush my teeth
4. Try to remember anything I might have forgotten

3 things you can’t go a day without
1. Water and oxygen
2. I could probably go a day without food, but I would not like it.
3. Those are the only things I really can’t go a day without.

2 things you look for in a guy
1. Truth
2. Faith. There are more, but I was only given two spaces!

1 thing you truly adore
1. Besides Daniel? Hmm. This is tough. I truly adore fearlessness. No. That’s not really what I mean. I mean, I admire fearlessness.


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