when you believed in everything

26 Oct

I started watching Charles Trippy and Alli Speed at while I was waiting for the Shaytard’s daily vlog to be posted. Charles and Shay both post videos daily. You already know that I love the Shaytards. With all my heart. But I’m here to write that I finally see what is so great about CTFxC. They’re great. I went back to the beginning and watched a whole lot of videos so I could fully appreciate the marriage proposal I’ve only heard about. I watched the proposal a few minutes ago, and I cried! It was beautiful. I would post a link to it if I knew you wouldn’t watch it without getting to know Charles and Alli first. So, no link.

Along with understanding the hype behind CTFxC and keeping up with the Shaytards, I’ve been playing a lot of WordFeud and reading a lot of old Xanga entries. I cannot believe how often I wrote about Lizzie McGuire. Well, I can. But I cannot believe that so many people read my blog and took the time to comment about how I spent five hours on the phone or what I did in the library after school. A good number of my classmates blogged on Xanga and read everyone’s updates. It’s difficult for me to imagine a lot of those people now reflecting on their day the way they used to. I miss it. There was a romance about Xanga that I cannot find on Facebook.


One Response to “when you believed in everything”

  1. ssunaoka October 27, 2010 at 5:53 pm #

    I hear you’re pretty good at Wordfeud. I need to get back into that, but ever since Casey came home, I stopped sleeping. *sigh* I miss Xanga.

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