and all the stars and bars

25 Aug

Before I went to class today, I considered dropping it. The syllabus alone was daunting. But I’d gotten dressed and filled my folder up with paper, so I figured I’d go to my English class just for the hell of it. I drove to school while listening to the Little League World Series on the radio. Hawaii and Ohio were up for elimination, and it was all very exciting, but not something that sounds too cool in this blog. While Ohio’s morale had fallen, Hawaii rallied, took the lead, and eventually won the game. Yay! But then I had to go to class. This class was in the math building. I would have shuddered if it weren’t so hot.
In class, we did this freewriting exercise that I really enjoyed. I love feeling free and right to write whatever I’m feeling. So, this class is called “Work-Life Writing,” and it’s to teach us how to write about work, I presume. Though my teacher explained this all in the beginning of class, I was preoccupied with analyzing the environment to see if I was capable of surviving an entire semester. I decided that it was possible, and wondered how writing about work could be so much more enjoyable than work itself. It almost didn’t make sense.

I went to the funeral of a not-so-distant family member tonight, and got to see a lot of family. It’s always weird for me to reintroduce myself to uncles and aunties and to smile and nod when they say how big I’ve grown since they’ve last seen me. One of my aunties hugged me and took a step back to see my face. She actually pointed and said, “Oh my God!” And though I was almost certain that was a comment about the way I’ve matured in the past decade or two, I couldn’t help but feel freakish, deformed, and appalling. Still, I smiled like any good girl would.

I’m not even taking a full load of classes, but I’m already feeling so wiped out. I’ve been going to bed before midnight. That may be normal for you muggles, but it’s almost unheard of for me. It’s probably a good thing, though. You know. Normalcy. Daniel bought me The Hunger Games trilogy tonight, and I want to start reading it now. I’ve heard good things. Uh, I think I had some homework due tomorrow. Sleep.


One Response to “and all the stars and bars”

  1. ssunaoka August 26, 2010 at 4:53 pm #

    Good luck this semester Jen! I hope you do well.

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