running scared, but going hungry

17 Aug

All right. Since I didn’t write about my dream yesterday, and I feel I should remember it, here it goes:

I was standing in an alley. Yes, it was dark. Like a scene from a bad science-fiction movie, a beam of light appeared and a small, round, amber-colored capsule floated to the ground. From the capsule and with a flash, grew the figure of a man. At this time, the only light in the alley came from somewhere behind the man, making it impossible to see anything but his silhouette.
Although something inside of me knew that he was good, I turned and ran instead. Later, I learned that my family was planning to take him into our home to live. I wasn’t exactly infuriated, but there was a certain displeasure in this new knowledge that made it easier to run away. So, I did. But instead of running, I flew. Usually in my dreams, I’m afraid of flying too high and most of my effort goes into keeping myself closer to the ground. This time, however, flying was difficult. On foot, the man followed me for half a block before stopping and letting me fly alone. Still worried that he would catch up, I tried but failed to get further any faster. Slowly and steadily, I inched away from the house, through the trees and telephone wires.
Months passed before someone (I’m not entirely sure, but it may or may not have been my mom) found me and convinced me to come home. I don’t remember how this happened. I just remember feeling tired and suddenly being home. I was walking up the driveway when I began to cry. I wasn’t happy or sad, and I don’t recall feeling any tear-inducing emotions, but I cried. My sister was inside, washing the dishes. She looked up surprised, and I walked further into the house. The man from the alley pulled up the driveway in a car. I could see it from the window. Still unable to see his face, he entered the house and insisted that there be a celebration for my return. Then, I woke up.

The tears from my dream were still there, as I sat up and tried to make sense of it all. It seems very “Prodigal Son” to me, but lately, I’m convinced that there is something less obvious in that dream that’s supposed to be important.

Anyway, if you thought that was interesting, there are a few more God-dreams* I’ve recorded here for people to read. I know they’re important, if not for me, for someone else.

* This link shows all the posts I’ve written under the “Dreams” category. Not all of them are God-dreams, but most of the ones tagged with both “Dreams” and “God” are more likely to be.


2 Responses to “running scared, but going hungry”

  1. ssunaoka August 18, 2010 at 11:35 pm #

    Hmm, not sure I know what to make of that. I sometimes wonder what my dreams mean (don’t we all?). Usually when I can remember them, if they do seem God related, I’ll try to pray in to it and see. Most times though, I think it’s usually nothing.

    • jenibo August 18, 2010 at 11:45 pm #

      Yeah, dreams are weird/cool. I had a dream that had a lot to do with the name Jude. Not knowing what it meant still bugs me!

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