i know that you got your reasons

5 Apr

Right now, I am eating a chocolate covered cinnamon gummy bear. It’s weird. But it would be more weird if I ate it the right way. I have a problem with weird flavor combinations, so I suck of the chocolate before I bite into the gummy. I don’t know why people think that’s gross.

I am aware that I have class tomorrow afternoon and that I probably have an essay due soon, but I can’t seem to care. I care that I don’t care, though. As much as I want to forget about school and grades, doing well in college is still important to me. And when I say that it’s important to me, I mean that in a way completely different from the way I would have meant it if I were still in high school at HBA. After suffering most every day there, all I want now is to get by with as little as possible.
That’s terrible! I know! I am a bad, bad student! But if you knew how much I worried about my education in high school and the ulcers I was sure I was getting because of it, you’d understand that I need a break. A lifelong break.

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to music. Because I concentrate on songs the way I should concentrate in school, it is difficult to write a coherent sentence. I like to feel every word. Piano. Bass.

In other news, I cleaned my room today. I mean, I didn’t so much clean my room as I did a small corner of it. It was actually my closet. I threw away a lot of junk that I once thought was worth saving.

That’s all.

I can’t concentrate.


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