chinese chicken salad

2 Mar

I went to Chas’s house for dinner with Court, Amber, Todd, and Tim. We brought the Chinese chicken salad. Tonight was really nice. Really, really nice. I needed something badly, and I think I got a little of whatever that was tonight. I (or Amber, but that doesnt matter) told Chas about my little crush. Little crush. That only sounds like an understatement to Amber and myself, but I’m almost certain that’s all this really is. I was feeling that this was going to be another Landon episode until Chas said something that gave me a little bit of hope. I think I may be the only one who would get hope from something like this:

“Kanani and I were just talking about him the other night!”
“Really? What about him?”
“We were saying how he’s such a great catch and wondering why no one at the church was interested in him.”

Or, something like that. It’s nice to know that people think so highly of him. It’s also kind of intimidating… I don’t want to get into that now. I’ll end my night on a nice thought.


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