math fail

18 Feb

Wow, that blog-every-day idea was a complete disaster. We’re halfway through February already, and this is only my first entry of 2009. In my defense, I was blogging fairly often elsewhere in January.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling extremely stressed about school. Midterms are coming up, literary essays, big boring web projects… I had a Chemistry test on Friday which I pretty much failed. I didn’t expect to do well at all, but I was hoping God would cut me some slack, and guide my pencil to the right bubbles. Shoot. I’m an idiot for registering for that class. I had to, though, to fulfill some mathy-science requirement thing. Ohmygosh, I hate math. And by extension, I hate Chemistry. I tried to do a math problem the other day, and I’m pretty sure I almost died.
That is why I am an English major.


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